Switzerland aims be Sillicon Valley Food


The Food and Nutrition Valley project in Switzerland will hold a series of events with the support of the Swiss government and Presence Switzerland. According to Hughes Jeanneret, professor at University of Neuchatel and expert in innovation research, the idea is inspired by Silicon Bay, California, where innovative companies and entrepreneurs thrive. While the concept may seem revolutionary, it’s not as new as it seems. In fact, Switzerland has already established its Valley of Health, which emphasizes the importance of improving nutrition for people.

The Swiss food industry has been a global leader in the production of animal products for over a century, and their efforts to improve the quality of food have been recognized globally. A strong life sciences sector in the country has given it a head start in developing innovative products based on stem cells. The state-funded research institute is also home to leading food and beverage firms, including Nestle, Givaudan, Buehler, and Smiling Pig.

A successful startup in Switzerland is FlavorWiki, which enables companies to evaluate consumer perception and preference. The company’s digital sensory technology measures taste preferences and has patented the process of quantifying individual tastes. Another startup, SwissDeCode, has developed a self-administered DNA detection kit for testing human DNA. These companies are collaborating with renowned experts in food science to advance their products.