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With total annihilation of Earth and the destruction of all life on the planet, some scientists are warning that humans will not be able to survive on Earth in the near future. They are urging us to develop a plan B. In short, that plan is to colonize other planets and use them as a home. But how will we do this? The future of humans is based on our own efforts and our own technological capabilities.

First, we must be ready for the future. Our goal is to become a multi-planet species. We will need to build large systems that will be self-sustaining, and that will take years. We should use these funds to stop Earth-related catastrophes. Once we are ready, we can launch a Mars colony. There, we should build the infrastructure we need to sustain human life. This plan will take decades to complete.

This is the goal of SpaceX, an American company that aims to become a multi-planet species. The Starship is a reusable rocket that can send over 100 people to space. Its mission is to make the first orbital flight in 2022. By 2050, it plans to send the first human beings to Mars. It wants to build a full-sized city on Mars with a population of a million people. The goal is to create a self-sustaining, livable, and profitable city on Mars.