Marc Hauser is a professional skydiver, motivational speaker, and entrepreneur from Bern. His latest goal is to launch himself out of a hot air balloon – sans wingsuit – into the jet stream, while filmmaker Claudio von Planta captures the action for a documentary. As he explains to Ana Maria Montero on this week’s Tech Talk, he’s doing it all in the name of science.

Keeping watch on a loved one
One of the biggest safety concerns for people suffering from dementia-related illnesses is that they become disoriented and wander. Zurich-based Smartwatchers has created a smartwatch that doubles as a security device, solving a problem that is set to grow with the aging population. Ana Maria Montero has the story.

Saving lives—with Fortnite
Fortnite players take the role of heroes in life-saving missions in this new version called Liferun. The International Red Cross linked up with Team Evolve to create the game, designed to raise awareness about the rules and limits of warfare. Launched last month at PAX South 2020 in San Antonio, Texas, this new game was played 10,000 times in the first week alone.

Turning plastic waste into prosthetics
Two ZHdK graduates are designing lower-limb prosthetic systems from plastic waste that they are planning to produce in developing countries, made there for people there. Their start-up, Project Circleg, launched in 2018 with CHF 500,000 from foundations and is continuing to expand and look for new funding.

Quantum computing is “no longer science fiction,” says IBM
IBM showcased its quantum computing services at this year’s World Economic Forum meeting in Davos. We asked Arvind Krishna, senior vice president of cloud and cognitive software at the American tech giant, what those new computers can really do and when they will available on the market.

Swiss bring next-generation 3-D tracking and smart clothing to CES 2020
Deep tech start-up Eyeware is pushing 3-D to the next level with its eye tracking software, says co-founder Bastjan Prenaj. And Xsensio, which will receive the CES Innovation Award, is developing the “next generation in wearables” with its “Lab-on-Skin” chip, says CEO and co-founder Esmeralda Megally. We continue our series on Swiss tech start-ups looking to make their mark on CES 2020.

Start-ups FlavorWiki and CARU gear up for Swiss pavilion at CES 2020
FlavorWiki is changing how the food industry addresses consumer tastes with its digital app. And agetech start-up CARU is bringing safety to the elderly by giving them a digital voice with its smart sensor. In part three of our series on CES 2020, we talk to FlavorWiki founder Daniel Protz and CARU co-founders Susanne Dröscher and Thomas Helbling about being part of the Swissnex network—and what that means for them heading into Las Vegas next week.

Tech start-ups L2F and CREAL3D look to build Swiss buzz at CES 2020
Lausanne-based start-up L2F is creating a tool kit for machine learning developers. “We allow scientists to have a new perspective on their data,” says CEO Aldo Podestà. And CREAL3D will “help us see real 3-D” with its innovative light field glasses, says CEO and co-founder Tomas Sluka. In part two of our special series leading up to CES 2020, we talk to Swiss tech start-ups about preparations for the event and get a glimpse into their “dream” meetings.