Let’s talk themes. From Cannabis and the Blockchain to China Online, Swissquote’s Head of Market Strategy, Peter Rosenstreich, brings you the latest investment ideas to make sure you’re ahead of the curve.

Rare earth metals
Identified as important metals in the production of high-tech electronics and most often used in industrial processes such as electric cars or renewable energy solutions. Peter Rosenstreich, Head Market Strategy, says: “Demand for minerals such as cobalt, neodymium or tungsten is expected to take off and rising prices should follow.”

Company Report
Marc Buerki, Swissquote CEO, explains the record growth in 2018, the success behind the numbers, and why 2019 is the year of investment.

Invest in a cashless society
With the rise of non-cash transactions – projected to grow by more than 12% globally from 2016 to 2021 and driven by emerging markets – the payment industry is facing a profound transformation of its business model, with digitalization at the core of the corporate strategy. „Disruptive Fintech companies will be playing a key role, forcing larger market players to invest massively in response, as barriers to entry softened in recent years,“ says Peter Rosenstreich, Head Market Strategy at Swissquote. „Digital payments is an innovative investment solution providing investors with a global exposure to the digital payment industry“.

Buy China Online
The Shanghai Composite has experienced a revaluation over the past few months, the Chinese are not spending as expected, and economic growth in the country is slowing. That said, Swissquote’s Peter Rosenstreich believes that high flying Chinese internet stocks are a huge opportunity. He says, „The pace of growth in China is still good given the sheer size of the population and activity online is only going to increase.

Cash in on values
Evidence suggests that on average, companies that take account of environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues deliver stronger, less volatile long-term performance than those that do not. „Firms pursuing initiatives that are of benefit to society as a whole generally offer investors excellent returns,“ explains Head Market Strategy, Peter Rosenstreich.

When comedy meets finance
Swissquote is the first bank to sponsor the Montreux Comedy Festival. „It’s an unusual combination of disciplines, but a partnership that works very well,“ says Jan De Schepper, Head Marketing at Swissquote. „Everyone loves to laugh and sometimes we are all too serious.“

Trading Day 2018
Swissquote took the opportunity to share the latest in innovation coming from machine learning and robot advisory in front of hundreds of guests. Smart robots optimize an infinite number of tailor-made portfolios and are in play to complement the work of the financial professional. Swissquote is making history by integrating technology to overhaul and make efficient the financial services industry.

Fishing is your best bet
Not only as part of a healthy diet, salmon farming is big business. So big that in Switzerland alone, retailers sell over 3,200 tonnes annually. Get involved in the action with Swissquote’s Norwegian Fishing certificate containing high quality companies all active in this unique industry.