Heidi Laurent domenig sgrafits engiadinais


The young female entrepreneur, Heidi Laurent Domenig, took a keen interest in the Sgrafits Engiadinais (Sgrafitti) found in the Engadin region of Switzerland and decided to turn it into her own business. After photographing the Sgrafitti, she researched their meaning and decided to sell them. The business was successful, and she is still in business today.

Heidi Laurent-Domenig is a passionate sgrafit enthusiast. She lives in Sent, together with her sister Lidia Domenig-Etter, in a former stable. They started out in 2007 by making ceramic Esel with a simple set of tools. They also sell ceramic items and Sgraffiti. The shop sells a range of sgraffito, a type of stencil work that uses geometric shapes and lines to create an impression.

Sgrafits Engiadinais is a place where you can buy a variety of handmade products decorated with sgraffito. This ancient art form arrived in Switzerland in the 16th century and has since been used to decorate many houses in the Engadin and Grisons. Butia Schlerin sells her creations in her online shop. It is available in the rest of Switzerland and abroad.

The studios of Butia Schlerin are located in Scuol. These coffee shops have a vast ceramic collection. The largest studio for this type of work in Engadin is the Butia Schlerin ceramic workshop in Scuol. The collection of Sgrafits is the most comprehensive in the Engadin area. The exhibitions at Butia Schlerin Cafe créativ are a must see for any pottery lover.