The Street Parade in Zurich is the world’s biggest techno-party. Over 1 million people danced around Lake Zurich to celebrate this year’s motto, “Culture of Tolerance.” The party on the street is free of charge, but if you want to take your partying to the next level, you’ll need to be prepared to shell out. Tanya König tells you where to invest your hard-earned francs for a safe and fun party.


Switzerland’s other jazz festival gets underway
With the Montreux Jazz Festival wrapping up this weekend, we turn our attention to the Engadin Valley, where yet another jazz fest is underway, the Festival da Jazz in St. Moritz. On this week’s Spotlight, Christian Jott Jenny, the founder and artistic director, joined Ana Maria Montero for a chat about how this event comes together and how his own start at the festival—like the improvisational spirit of jazz itself—was completely unplanned.

Julie Fuchs is Poppea at the Zurich Opera House
French soprano Julie Fuchs began her musical training as a violinist. It wasn’t until she was a teenager that she discovered her true passion was singing—and she never looked back. Six months into her pregnancy, she returns to the Zurich Opera House in the lead role of Monteverdi’s „L’Incoronazione di Poppea.“ In tonight’s Spotlight, she tells Ana Maria Montero how she brings it all together and how being a diva is not her thing.

Jean Dubuffet’s work comes to Zurich
Jean Dubuffet is one of the most important French painters of the 20th century. In his 40-plus year career, he explored a variety of different styles. A current exhibition at Hauser&Wirth Zurich shows his work in relation to a very specific theme: the city. Tanya König finds out more.

A Golden Lion for the Swiss Pavilion at Venice Biennale
The Swiss Pavilion at the architecture Biennale in Venice won the Golden Lion for the best national participation. It’s the first time this prestigious prize was awarded to the Swiss. The installation — titled „Svizzera 240: House Tour“ — is about looking at empty flats. It was conceived and designed by a young team of ETH architects. Tanya König met Alessandro Bosshard and Li Tavor—two of the four-person team—to find out the inspiration behind it.

Paléo Festival Nyon : from farmland to festival site
How do you transform farmland into one of the biggest summer music festivals in Switzerland with space for 230,000 visitors? Paléo Festival Nyon promoter Dany Hassenstein says it has been a constant logistical challenge for each of the festival’s 43 years: „We build a city from scratch. There is nothing. It’s farmland. … It’s a one-shot every year.“ CNNMoney Switzerland’s Martina Fuchs started by asking him about the lineup this year, which includes Depeche Mode, Lenny Kravitz and Gorillaz.

„Not a love story“: an exhibition by Iouri Podladtchikov
He is known as a snowboarder, but Iouri Podladtchikov has other talents too. At „Au Premiere“ in Zurich’s main station, he is currently exhibiting his mostly black-and-white photography. Gallerist Christophe Guye tells us here what makes his work special.

From point A to point B: The storage and transportation of fine art is an art onto itself
Art Basel, the premier event of its kind in the world, attracts artists, gallery owners, dealers, and collectors looking to buy, sell, or simply enjoy the work. The logistics behind storing and transporting works of such high value is an art in and of itself. In this week’s Spotlight, Simon Hornby, the president of the art logistics company Crozier, tells Ana Maria Montero what it takes to be an industry leader in the storage and transport services of fine art.