If you own highly-valued art, there’s a lot to consider. Birgit Gudat of Kendris explains how art management works, why documentation of artworks is essential, and the importance of implementing a succession plan early on.


Why African-American artists are becoming art market superstars
Six out of ten auction records last year were set by African-American artists. Their star is also rising in Switzerland: Major galleries are showing art by African-American artists this month. We look at why they are increasingly in the spotlight.

Why the Engadin Valley is attracting art dealers
The Engadin Valley is known as home and inspiration for artists such as Alberto Giacometti and Giovani Segantini. Now it’s attracting more and more galleries and museums. Reporter Tanya König went to the alpine region to find out why new art players such as Muzeum Susch are opening in the valley.

Exclusive: Does the art world really need another Hauser & Wirth gallery?
Hauser & Wirth just opened a new space in St. Moritz, it’s ninth location worldwide. Iwan Wirth, the co-owner of the mega-gallery, tells Tanya König that their ambition is to extend the season in Engadin and add to the cultural discussion in the Alpine region.

St. Moritz already profiting from new ski pricing model
What has become standard in the airline industry is now gaining popularity in Switzerland’s skiing regions: the dynamic pricing model. Thomas Rechberger, project manager at St. Moritz Engadin Mountains, tells us about the organization’s plans to sell more ski passes earlier in the season.

The world’s best coffee is brewed in Zurich
Did you know that the world’s best coffee brewer is based in Zurich? Here’s the story of Mame!

Why people in tech should study ethics
Harper Reed was Barack Obama’s Chief Technology Officer and he tells us how he hopes they made history and why he thinks people working in tech should take an ethics course, too.