Youth Olympic Games lausanne Ian Logan


The chief executive of the Lausanne 2020 YOG, Ian Logan, has a strong vision for the future of the games. His project is focused on the young athletes who are the future of sport in Switzerland. As such, the core team consists mainly of athletes aged under 30. In addition to the athletes, Logan has created a council of youth to provide guidance and advice. These members will include the youth and athletes themselves.

The Games will run for 20 days. Some competitions will last four or five days, while others will last as long as five. The events will include sports and cultural activities aimed at promoting healthy lifestyles, and getting young Swiss people interested in sport. It is hoped that the games will help inspire the next generation of athletes and inspire more Swiss to be active. For the past two years, Logan has been the Director General of the Lausanne Youth Olympic Games.

In the past, Logan has also been responsible for the Lausanne Winter Youth Olympic Games. He said the Games were a „massive success“ and that the city of Lausanne will make the games even better. However, he also admitted that the event was a huge success. The Swiss government is now looking into hosting the Games. In the meantime, the city is planning to build a university housing facility for athletes.