Switzerland strive unihockey succes


The Swiss strive for unihockey success with their young, aggressive style of play. The team won the bronze medal at the World Championships in Riga, Latvia last year. The national team is aiming to win gold and silver in Poprad. XPS Network has also experienced great success in recent years and is currently planning its next big step: partnering with sustainability partner myclimate. The web calculator allows floorball clubs to calculate their CO2 emissions. Then, they can offset their CO2 emissions by investing in myclimate carbon offset projects. The application was initially driven by the Bern Capitals club, but is now being implemented by all the national teams.

In order to promote the sport, the Swiss clubs are doing their part. They have launched a TV platform called Swiss Unihockey TV in 2013, which will live-stream matches of the national team. The channel will also stream the final of the tournament live. The SRF will host the World Floorball Championship 2022, and will continue to support Swiss unihockey for the next five years. The new platform will provide more exposure for the sport.

The new form of floorball, street floorball, is gaining momentum in the Swiss hall sports. It’s a game played outdoors and requires only minimal equipment. With the help of Mobiliar, Switzerland is planning to host the World Floorball Championship in 2022. Throughout the tour, the tournament will visit different Swiss cities. The goal is to make the games exciting and entertaining for the whole crowd. The kickoff will take place in the Winterthur region in 2021. Information on the tournament and the registration process will be announced soon.