Olaf Swantee, CEO of Sunrise Communications, says 5G technology will “make eSports accessible to the masses.” The new high-speed network will not only give a massive boost to e-gamers and the world of eSports, but Swantee says it will take sports training and consumption to another level.


Giving basketball fans content they want—how and when they want it
According to Paul Stimpson, managing director at FIBA Media, the way basketball is consumed is as important as how the sport is organized and played. Stimpson, who declined to comment on the NBA-China controversy, talks about the importance of making all FIBA games available at top quality for fans no matter where, or on which platform, they’re being watched around the world.

How the IOC is learning from its past mistakes
The International Olympic Committee says it will no longer invest in new infrastructures in host cities if they’re not needed for the future. IOC Olympic Games Executive Director Christophe Dubi is applying what he calls “smart economics” to save billions of dollars on the upcoming Lausanne Youth Olympic Games and Tokyo Summer Olympics in 2020.

Olympic champion Hoefflin: “I try to only take the plane if I have to”
Changing habits in the Swiss sports world is an uphill battle, says Nicholas Bornstein, founder of Protect Our Winters Switzerland. Swiss Olympic ski champion Sarah Hoefflin, also a member of the organization, talks about the challenges and contradictions of being a globetrotting athlete trying to live sustainably.

Chappelet: “The idea is not to make a profit out of these games”
Olympic capital Lausanne will host the third edition of the 2020 Winter Youth Olympic Games, which features athletes from 15 to 18 years old. In the first of our monthly series looking deeper into the event, Jean-Loup Chappelet, professor at IDHEAP and Olympics expert, talks about the historical, academic, cultural, and business implications of hosting the first Olympic event in Switzerland since the 1948 Winter Games in St. Moritz.

Sustainability expert: “By definition an event will never be green”
Françoise Jaquet, president of the Swiss Alpine Club, and Neil Beecroft, co-founder of Sport and Sustainability International, have a common goal: to help preserve Switzerland’s natural beauty through the world of sport. Sports correspondent Matt Leighton caught up with both of them at the Moving Mountains Forum in Vaud earlier this month.

The new Swiss flying sailboat that may change the market
The TF35 flying sailboat is the first of its kind, says class manager Bertrand Favre. The Swiss-made foiling catamaran, which made its successful debut on Lake Geneva last month, will launch a whole new market, but only for those with at least 750,000 euros to spare, not to mention the 500,000 per season to maintain it.