Place be ai Switzerland argues Jurgen Schmidhuber


„We should build AI in Europe,“ argues Jurgen Schmidhuber, an artificial intelligence researcher from Lugano, near the Italian border. Silicon Valley is a hotbed for AI development, but where should the heart of this technology be developed? Should artificial intelligence be developed in Switzerland? That is the question that Jurgen Schmidhuber addresses in this book. His argument will be fascinating to those who study this topic and wish to build AI in Europe.

First, the country needs to attract world-class AI researchers. In order to create a high-tech AI industry, Swiss researchers must be able to attract the best minds in the world. This is no easy task, and Schmidhuber isn’t likely to get the funding he needs without a big push from the government. It will take years to create a market for AI, but once the demand is there, it will be a lucrative business.

The Swiss are the hotbed for AI research. Many of the country’s top scientists and engineers are based in the country. The Swiss are known for their high-tech sectors, but some are skeptical of the future of artificial intelligence in their country. This is a baffling issue for the AI community, but one that should be explored further. However, Schmidhuber is hopeful that the technology is on the verge of becoming a reality.