3D printing is a game changer and real opportunity for Swiss manufacturing, says Michael Süss, chairman of Swiss industrial heavyweight Oerlikon. “The strategy is simply to surf on the wave,” explains Süss. Find out how he plans to take the technology to space.

Is your business ready for the rise of Generation Z?
Many companies are struggling to connect with Generation Z, those born between the mid-1990s and mid-2000s. Yannick Blättler is the 25-year-old entrepreneur whose company, Neoviso, is helping them better engage with the new generation in order to access their time, their skills, and their wallets. He breaks down how the Swiss corporate world can tap into the mind-set of today’s youth to help their bottom line.

Volvo “might consider” a return to the Geneva Motor Show
Natalie Robyn, the managing director of Volvo Cars Switzerland, explains why Volvo skipped the Geneva International Motor Show this year and talks about the uphill climb for the car industry as it regains consumers’ trust after “dieselgate.”

Volvo’s new parental leave gives others a run for their money
Volvo Cars’ new six-month parental leave is one of the best policies of its kind in Switzerland. Natalie Robyn, managing director of Volvo Cars Switzerland, says she is not trying to influence politics. But after Novartis’ new 14-week parental leave, pressure may mount on other Swiss companies and lawmakers.

There’s no “positive discrimination” at Unigestion, says CEO Frick
How does Swiss asset manager Unigestion hire new talent? “We will always favor meritocracy,” says Fiona Frick, but she admits that a more diverse group is better for their success. She talks diversity, equal pay, and whether or not she will join the upcoming nationwide Women’s Strike on June 14.

Unigestion CEO: “I don’t see my job as making the rich richer”
After 30 years at Swiss asset manager Unigestion, CEO Fiona Frick says she’s learned the secret to intelligent risk, and a big part of that means including ESG in overseeing more than USD 23 billion in assets. Here she talks about the perfect investment mix and about what sets her firm apart from the rest.

Going green isn’t easy, warns asset manager Unigestion
Last year saw huge growth in sustainable investment, but for Geneva-based asset management firm Unigestion, environmental, social, and corporate governance has added new risk to manage. As CEO Fiona Frick explains, doing good and making money at the same time is a challenge.

The fight for open access to scientific research
More than 50 percent of papers published by Swiss scientists in the past 10 years are free to access, which puts Switzerland at number one in the world. But as many as 90 percent of scientific research articles globally are still hidden behind paywalls and that, argues Frontiers CEO Kamila Markram, is detrimental to progress and innovation.

“The world’s never been better off,” says Frontiers CEO
Kamila Markram, CEO and co-founder of the scientific research community Frontiers, celebrates the positivity of our times and blames the way news is reported and consumed for creating a “distorted view” of the world. With the Science Unlimited Forum next week, she aims to highlight accomplishments and ultimately create the “Montreux Jazz Festival” of science.

Music fans “a bit lost” amid Spotify’s infinite choices, says Mathieu Jaton
Streaming services provide people more access to music and help artists to increase their revenues. But on the flipside, they make it hard for festivals to know who to book, as it has become more difficult to predict who will be the star of tomorrow. However, Montreux Jazz Festival Director Mathieu Jaton has an answer.