Hyperloop ceo Dirk Ahlborn race super fast traveler pods


Hyperloop One, a startup that aims to build the world’s fastest traveler pods, has a new look and mission. Their offices are located in a gentrifying downtown Los Angeles area, one block from the Soho House neighborhood. The office is open and airy, with standing desks and a few chairs for engineers to wait for job interviews.

Hyperloop One is a company that is trying to make the hyperloop tube a reality. In March, CEO Dirk Ahlborn gave a keynote speech at the Synapse Innovation Summit in Tampa, Florida. In this interview, he discussed the high cost of public transportation and how uncomfortable it can be when you’re six feet tall. He also shared his inspiration for creating the technology: „Black Panther,“ which helped propel mankind forward.

After the keynote speech, Ahlborn outlined the Hyperloop’s vision and the science behind it. The company was founded in 2014 by former Google executives, but it was the team that made it a reality in 2014. The company is currently in the early stages of testing its hyperloop system, and is still in need of investors. The technology is already in use in the United States, where it is being tested in a special Toulouse track.