The world is warming up at an alarming rate. We know this. Yet we don’t know how to stop it. „Even politicians feel helpless,“ says Graeme Maxton, Secretary General at Club of Rome – the organisation fighting for the future of humanity. In dialogue with CNNMoney Switzerland’s Amanda Kayne, Mr Maxton explains why one effective way to save our planet is to ban the production of the waste we discard.


How social media is changing the business of the Fête des Vignerons
The last Fête des Vignerons took place back in 1999, before the dawn of social media, smart phones, and easy access to the internet. In part two, executive director Frédéric Hohl talks about the impact of social media on ticket sales for the traditional Swiss festival.

The Fête des Vignerons makes its return after 20 years
The centuries-old Fête des Vignerons—or Winegrowers’ Festival—comes along just once every couple of decades in Switzerland, with the next one set to kick off on July 18 in Vevey. The month-long celebration is run like a private business with the primary goal of sustaining the next one. Frédéric Hohl, the executive director, talks about staging the festival that he says couldn’t happen anywhere else in the world.

Sherry: My motivation was people saying “it can’t be done”
Ann Sherry knows a thing or two about seeing a company through a reputation crisis. After years in banking, she took over as CEO of Carnival Australia at a tumultuous time and is credited for turning the company around. In part two, she lists the three reasons why she relished the task and talks about the future of the cruise industry.

How one executive proved diversity means higher profits
Ann Sherry, former chairman and now adviser at Carnival Australia, says diversity helped her company outperform in her region. At this year’s Global Summit of Women in Basel, she talks about why such events are crucial for measuring progress, why it’s important to have more women on the board, and why she’s “less patient about the pace of change.”

Super Bock CEO: “We’re small but we compete with the big sharks”
Super Bock’s biggest rival in Portugal is Heineken, the highest-selling beer in the world, and the very same brewer Super Bock replaced as main sponsor of the Montreux Jazz Festival. Now CEO Rui Lopes Ferreira is beefing up competition in China, its biggest export market, by making a beer specifically for the Chinese market.

Super Bock’s coup to replace Heineken at the Montreux Jazz Festival
Super Bock has taken over Heineken’s spot as a main sponsor of the Montreux Jazz Festival. It’s a move CEO Rui Lopes Ferreira says will help the Portuguese beer company elevate the brand in Switzerland. He shares how the partnership came to be and what role majority shareholder Carlsberg Group played in moving the three-year deal forward.

Here’s Yogi Sadhguru’s top tip to avoid burnout
He has millions of social media followers, but his core message is simple: to get 7.6 billion people on the planet to live peacefully. Sadhguru, the Indian yogi, mystic, and founder of the Isha Foundation, also wants to improve everyone’s life, including by preventing workers from burnout.