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Innovative und robuste Baumaschinen von BAUMAX

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Startschuss für INTERSPORT-Aktionen im Sportjahr 2024 / INTERSPORT Deutschland...

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The godfather of Swiss startups

Stuntman turned entrepreneur Ariel Luedi likes a challenge or two. In conversation with CNNMoney Switzerland’s Amanda Kayne, he explains how he supports and grows Swiss startups with potential. He also shares his defining moment of coming into mega-wealth and why his success is down to guts, naivety and a bit of luck.


Austrian diplomat Ursula Plassnik discusses the future of Switzerland in Europe
Ursula Plassnik reveals her thoughts on the future of the Swiss franc and whether she believes we will be more open or closed to Europe in the future.

For Pansy Ho, Hong Kong’s richest woman, business is not a gamble
She is one of 17 children of Macau casino tycoon Stanley Ho, and with some USD 5.5 billion to her name, she’s the richest woman in Hong Kong. She also chairs Shun Tak Holdings, a property developer that runs ferries and operates hotels. Martina Fuchs spoke to her at the Sino-European Entrepreneurs Summit 2018 in Andermatt about her personal and professional lives, and why she is betting on more female executives in Asia.

Health care in Switzerland comes at a cost
When it comes to health care, residents of Switzerland have unlimited access and virtually no wait times. But it comes at a cost. Daniel Schmutz, CEO of Helsana, sat down with CNNMoney Switzerland’s Amanda Kayne and explained why his company is moving towards becoming a life coach, not only a health insurer.

„The more I study it, the more I understand we cannot get back to it.“ —Professor Michal Kosinski
Michal Kosinski is as savvy as can be when it comes to data science, but even he concedes that the era of data privacy is truly over.

Christiana Figueres: The green economy is fueling the next wave of climate leaders
In her role as Executive Secretary of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, Christiana Figueres dedicated herself to rebuilding the global climate change negotiating process leading up the historic 2015 Paris Agreement. On our Newsmaker hour tonight, she tells Ana Maria Montero that despite the challenges, she remains fully committed to the cause.

Switzerland’s role as a peacemaker could get more challenging, says Hagai M. Segal
Politics isn’t about who shouts the loudest. These are the thoughts of tonight’s Newsmaker, Hagai M. Segal. The geopolitical analyst assesses the situation in Europe with regards to migration and Brexit. He also discusses how the U.S. has weakened its position as a negotiator by dropping out of one deal (Iran) at the same time as announcing another (North Korea). The problem, he says, is that nations will come to think of deals lasting only as long as a given presidency.

Casting directors are like matchmakers, says Corinna Glaus
The job of a casting director is arguably one of the most important when it comes to a film’s success, but also one of the most understated. For tonight’s Newsmaker hour, we talked to Swiss casting director Corinna Glaus about finding the right person for the role. She explains to Ana Maria Montero that she has to get to the very heart of what a director is looking for and then trust her gut when finding the best fit for the role.

Enda Kenny, the former prime minister of Ireland, on leadership—and climbing mountains
As the son of a politician, Enda Kenny was exposed to the workings of government at a young age but became a primary school teacher instead. It wasn’t until age 24 that he decided to switch careers and follow in his father’s footsteps. He eventually went on to serve as prime minister of Ireland from 2011 to 2017, during which time he was credited with leading the country out of the financial crisis. During a recent trip to Zurich, Kenny spoke to Ana Maria Montero about the current state of Ireland and the parallels he draws between leading a nation and climbing mountains.

Melonport CEO Mona El Isa: Think like a man, act like a woman
She is a former Goldman Sachs trader, got promoted to vice president by the age of just 26, and was named a „30 under 30“ by Forbes magazine. Mona El Isa is CEO and co-founder of Zug-based Melonport and knows how to crack codes. But although she is running a successful fintech company, she tells Martina Fuchs that breaking the glass ceiling in the blockchain industry is even tougher than in the world of investment banking. Asked about the rising risks of a crypto crash, she warns: „We haven’t seen the bubble burst yet….The hype is far ahead of where the technology is right now.“

How Coca-Cola’s Country Manager for Switzerland wants to create value for the company
In an interview with CNNMoney Switzerland, Paris Nikolopoulos, the Country Manager Switzerland at Coca-Cola, explains the company’s drive to recycle more plastic bottles.

Harassment and workplace violence on agenda at ILO
Formulating a universal definition of workplace harassment and guaranteeing workers‘ rights against attacks are the themes of this year’s annual meeting at the International Labour Organization. The group’s director general, Guy Ryder, tells CNNMoney Switzerland that the ILO identified harassment and violence at work as areas for action in 2015, even before the emergence of the #MeToo movement. The former union organizer also spoke about the need to redefine work as technology and connectivity increasingly extend formal working hours.

Billionaire investor Ken Fisher reveals his secrets to the stock market
American billionaire Ken Fisher tells us why „Bitcoin is a comedy,“ how Switzerland could be more dynamic when it comes to its financial sector, and why Donald Trump should never be underestimated.

Zurich and Geneva as complementary global financial hubs
Yves Mirabaud tells Hannah Wise that Geneva is a growing financial hub for Chinese banking. And while Asia is a popular destination for Swiss banks these days, he says his company is looking to the Middle East for opportunities.

Corum learned from its past mistakes, says CEO Jérôme Biard
Jérôme Biard has been the CEO of both Corum and Eterna since last year, and he explains to Martina Fuchs what it will take for the two Swiss watch brands to turn a profit once again. He also discusses the importance of the company’s Chinese shareholders.


Viba sweets GmbH übernimmt einen Großteil der Filialen von arko | HUSSEL | Eilles und stärkt nationale Marktpräsenz

Floh-Seligenthal (ots) - - Wirtschaftlicher Übergang erfolgt zum 01.05.2024...

Innovative und robuste Baumaschinen von BAUMAX

Unstruttal (ots) - Beim Bauen kommt es auf Verlässlichkeit...

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Viba sweets GmbH übernimmt einen Großteil der Filialen von arko | HUSSEL | Eilles und stärkt nationale Marktpräsenz

Floh-Seligenthal (ots) - - Wirtschaftlicher Übergang erfolgt zum 01.05.2024 - Fortführung von rund 160 Standorten in Deutschland und Österreich - 600 Arbeitsplätze gerettet Die...

Innovative und robuste Baumaschinen von BAUMAX

Unstruttal (ots) - Beim Bauen kommt es auf Verlässlichkeit an. In diesem Bereich setzt die BAUMAX Maschinentechnik GmbH auf bewährte Methoden, um den Kunden...

Startschuss für INTERSPORT-Aktionen im Sportjahr 2024 / INTERSPORT Deutschland und JAKO unterstützen Teamsport: Lokale Vereine können 1.000 Trikotsätze gewinnen

Heilbronn (ots) - INTERSPORT-HändlerInnen unterstützen seit Jahren auf vielfältige Art und Weise lokale Vereine in ganz Deutschland. Mit einer Trikotaktion anlässlich des Sportjahres 2024...