Ernst Hafen our personal data should only be under our own control


A recent article by the ETH Zurich Professor Ernst Hafen argues that our personal data should remain in our own hands. The author proposes a central repository for personal data which is democratically managed and accessed only by ourselves. This move would allow us to take back control of our data and force big tech to compete on quality, not price. In other words, we should be the only ones in charge of our own data.

To ensure privacy, we should only give access to our own personal data. We should be able to opt-out of using our data for purposes other than marketing. The internet is an important part of our lives, and our data should be secure. In addition, the right to access our own data is essential. Without it, people will not be able to do anything about their private data. Therefore, we should make sure that our personal data is under our control.

MiData, a cooperative for sharing health data, has been created to help people access their own personal data. Its members can upload medical and other data, including alternative streams of data such as location and personal habits. As a result, this system would be able to provide the information that health professionals need to diagnose and treat patients. As an added bonus, the cooperative will be able to offer free consultations to health care practitioners.