Europe needs all the help it can get right now,” says Dan Scott, deputy CIO of Vontobel. He discusses the rising trade tensions between the U.S. and EU at a time when the bloc is struggling with challenges like Brexit.


Will the Bitcoin rally last?
After last year’s collapse, Bitcoin has surged in recent weeks, as investors search for bigger returns and diversity, according to Alain Kunz, CEO and founder of TokenSuisse. He predicts the cryptocurrency will end the year on a high note but added, “I would not say we’re going to see 20,000 again.“

Swisscom CEO: No evidence of Huawei wrongdoing
Swisscom will bring the first 5G phone in Switzerland to market in May with plans to expand the 5G network to 90 percent of the country by the end of 2019. CEO Urs Schaeppi explains why the nation’s radiation limits are holding Swisscom back and where the company stands on the Huawei controversy.

April 10 Markets Summary: Swisscom unveils 5G plans
This Wednesday, 5G is in the spotlight after Swisscom unveiled its plan to roll out the superfast technology in 2019. Shares finished up 1.39 percent for the telecom company while the SMI ended down 0.27 percent to 9,556.31.

What you need to know about Alcon
Novartis is spinning-off its Alcon division. Here’s what you need to know about the firm:

U.S. tariff threat bodes ill for Europe
‘’Europe needs all the help it can get right now,” says Dan Scott, deputy CIO of Vontobel. He discusses the rising trade tensions between the U.S. and EU at a time when the bloc is struggling with challenges like Brexit.

Why Novartis is spinning off Alcon and sticking to Sandoz
After the spin-off of Alcon from Novartis, Vontobel’s Deputy CIO Dan Scott talks about Alcon’s competitors in the eye-care sector and the future of the medical technology industry.

April 9 Markets Summary: Alcon’s big debut
After spinning off from Novartis Alcon entered the market with a valuation of CHF 28 billion. The big push that came with it helped the SMI reach an intraday all-time high, though it eventually finished just shy of that at 9,582.22 after a bump of 0.37 percent.

UBP chief economist sees a positive outlook for Switzerland
With global growth recovering, Patrice Gautry, chief economist at UBP, sees positive signals for the Swiss economy. The Swiss franc could get weaker in the coming months and even more so if the ECB announces negative interest rates this year.

We see a healthy slowdown, says CIO of Swisspartners
Despite the warnings of a global slowdown by the IMF, Peter Ahluwalia—CIO and partner at Zurich-based Swisspartners—does not see a recession ahead. In fact, he’s referred to reports of an impending recession as “fake news.” In his view, the economy in the U.S. is slowing down but not in an alarming way.

April 8 Markets Summary: Earnings season opens, markets slow
After the robust Q1 rally, investors are taking a wait-and-see attitude. We look at the start of earnings season, as well as the race to new all-time highs for the major indexes, including the SMI, which today was up fractionally 0.06 percent and finished at 9,547.33.

Oil prices could get lower again, says Carsten Menke of Julius Baer
Oil prices are trading just below five-month highs, driven by geopolitical risks in Libya and Venezuela. All eyes are on OPEC and other producers such as Russia, which have recently agreed to cut output. Carsten Menke, commodity analyst at Julius Baer, sees oil prices falling in the coming days as demand isn’t growing that much.

April 5 Markets Summary: Alpiq shines
In Switzerland, the spotlight was on power supplier Alpiq after it announced it will be back in the hands of Swiss shareholders. As a result, the stock price jumped up over 7 percent. Meanwhile, the SMI closed down 0.24 percent finishing at 9,541.15.

Nationalizing energy production
Swiss investors EOS Holding and Primeo Energie are buying the French company EDF’s 25 percent stake in Alpiq for CHF 489 million. Energy analyst Eugen Perger of Research Partners discusses the implications for the company and how this is related to Switzerland negotiating a framework agreement with the EU.

Stay coolheaded, advises Pictet economist amid housing market concerns
Swiss financial watchdog FINMA is calling for action to mitigate the risk of overheating in the property market. But Thomas Costerg, senior U.S. economist at Pictet Wealth Management, says the situation is under control and explains why it differs from the American subprime crisis.