Aleksandra Gadzala magpie advisory europe waking new reality


For decades, Aleksandra Gadzala has focused on international relations, technology, and authoritarian systems. Her work has been widely quoted and she is a Senior Nonresident Fellow with the Atlantic Council’s Africa Center and Lecturer in International Relations at the University of St. Gallen. She holds a PhD from Oxford and a BA in political science from Northwestern University. In the past decade, she has grown her business into a global consulting firm, Magpie Advisory.

Her work has earned her the recognition of international media, including the Independent Women’s Forum, Monocle, Axios, and CNNMoney Switzerland. She has also appeared before the European Parliament, speaking on the Europe-Africa policy, the future of economic growth, and the Chinese political war-game. Her research, expertise, and analysis have been widely read and cited, and she continues to speak on such topics as globalization, China’s political war, and the role of women in international politics.

In addition to her work in Europe, Aleksandra has been interviewed by various international forums, including Monocle, Axios, CNNMoney Switzerland, and the World Economic Forum Agenda. She has also spoken at numerous global events, including the UN General Assembly and European Parliament, and has been a guest speaker at the World Economic Forum. She has also delivered keynote speeches in the European Parliament on topics such as China political warfare and Europe-Africa policy.