Alastair McCaig, director of investment management at Fern Wealth, felt that the absence of U.S. President Donald Trump gave clarity to the discussions at the World Economic Forum and noted an underlying trend of positivity at the meeting. He also commented on the pound and the impact of the U.S. government shutdown.


Share buybacks on the rise
After nearly ten years of growth, companies are skeptical about their medium-term outlook. According to Martin Lück, regional chief investment strategist at BlackRock, this is one main reason why companies are increasingly buying back their own shares.

How the global slowdown affects the Swiss economy
Patrick Zweifel, chief economist at Pictet Asset Management, takes an in depth look at the latest Swiss economic data and asks how it relates to the global economic slowdown.

February 1 Markets Summary: Let’s talk dividends
As we get deeper into the earnings season, we dig into the trend of increasing dividends among Swiss firms. Meanwhile, the SMI finishes this Friday up 0.30% at 8996.36 points.

Could the tech stock bounce spur new confidence in the economy?
Given strong results from some tech stocks, confidence in the economy could return, says Mozamil Afzal, global CIO at EFG Asset Management.

Did the Fed really change its strategy?
Felix Brill, Chief Investment Officer at VP Bank, gives his view on The Federal Reserve’s latest decision on interest rates.

January 31 Markets Summary: Roche and Swatch in focus
Roche says it expects sales and earnings to rise in 2019, and the stock price gained more than 2.5 percent on the news. Swatch, meanwhile, missed on expectations. The SMI gained 0.04 percent and finished at 8’969.27.

Confidence in the job market remains “enormous,” says KOF director
The Swiss economy may be slowing down, as the new KOF barometer shows, but not all indicators are in the red, according to Jan-Egbert Sturm, director of the KOF Swiss Economic Institute.

January 30 Markets Summary: Lonza, hedge funds in focus
Lonza shareholders were taken by surprise as the CEO, who drove growth in the last years, announced he is stepping down. As a result, the stock price lost more than 7 percent. We also look at the diminishing returns of hedge funds. Finally, the SMI gained 0.28 percent and finished at 8,965.71.

For hedge funds, the house is on fire. But CAIA says it’s fine
In 2018, most hedge funds lost money and some big names even went out of business. The good old days of the 1990s with strong returns are gone, data shows. But Keith Black of the Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst Association argues that hedge funds still make sense for investors.