30 minutes after the SMI closure, we dive into the financial markets which are at the heart of the global economy. By reporting on the national as well as the international stock exchanges, we stress the links between Switzerland and the rest of the world. Our renowned guests play a key role to help us explain and understand the financial world.

How the Alcon spin-off will change the Swiss market
Alcon will officially leave Novartis on April 9. Shares are expected to start trading on the Swiss market and the New York Stock Exchange. Nicolas Bürki, analyst and portfolio manager at Mirabaud Asset Management, explains how the new big player will impact the SMI.

Swiss pension-fund assets are recovering
After large losses last year, the fund that manages the Old-Age and Survivors Insurance (OASI) in Switzerland, saw a recovery in the first quarter. Despite this, Manuel Leuthold, chairman of the board at Compenswiss, sees the need for regulatory change, this ahead of a vote on the issue in May.

March 28 Markets Summary: The future of the Swiss pension fund
Social security is a pressing issue in Switzerland. We look at the pension fund’s performance and discuss the reasons why it may run out of money by 2031. Meanwhile, markets are undecided whether fears of a global recession are valid. In Switzerland, the SMI closed up 0.16 percent to 9,405.93.

The pressure on the SNB is rising
As stock markets stumble, investors’ flight to quality is underway, and the Swiss franc is strengthening again. Schwyzer Kantonalbank CIO Thomas Heller is surprised that the Swiss franc hasn’t appreciated more.

Why banks like UBS are exiting coal financing
Deirdre Cooper, co-portfolio manager at Investec AM, sees a growing demand for sustainable investments in Switzerland. At the same time, announcements by UBS and others to ban coal financing are following both sustainable goals and risk-management goals.

March 27 Markets Summary: Swiss franc on the rise
Safe haven assets such as gold and the Swiss franc are on the rise due to the global economic slowdown. Most global indexes closed down today with the SMI flat, finishing at 9,390.59.

Why central banks are pushing investors into more risky assets
Where should bond investors turn amid recession fears? Sunita Kara of Aviva Investors sees potential in high yield bonds since the current monetary policy by central banks is an “active decision” for investors to take more risks.

March 26 Markets Summary: Tech companies stir up the markets
The week has been shaped by tech-related news so we look at the impact and potential disruptions in the industry. Investors have found new confidence in the economy as bond yields stabilize. Markets around the world enjoyed substantial gains as did the SMI, which closed up .90 percent to 9,389.30.

Why Apple investors still need to be cautious
For Dan Scott, deputy CIO at Vontobel, yesterday’s Apple reveal that introduced its new streaming video service, Apple TV+, was a “non-event.” Unless the tech giant is going to disclose how it’s going to access content, investors will see strong moves in the share price.