KTF, or Know the Facts, is a quirky series of dynamic text-based video content that provides insights through fun facts and figures on an array of different subjects concerning Switzerland.

How wealthy is Switzerland in 2019?
The latest Credit Suisse report shows that there are 810,000 millionaires in Switzerland, an increase of almost 12% compared to last year, with the country still leading the global ranking in terms of wealth per adult. Find out the latest facts.

Switzerland’s blockchain industry in 60 seconds
On Friday, the Swiss government released a new report on the legal framework surrounding blockchain and distributed ledger technology. Here’s a look at Switzerland’s blockchain industry in a nutshell.

Listen up! The hearing aid market is about to take off
Most of us use smartphones, Siri, or Amazon Echo every day. Technology is improving constantly, and another device that is set for a revolution is the hearing aid. Here’s why.

How wealthy is Switzerland?
There are 725,000 millionaires in Switzerland and this is expected to grow to 988,000 by 2023. Find out more on how wealthy Switzerland is, from average wealth to average debt per person.

The largest Swiss banking fines
Just this month, Zurcher Kantonalbank agreed to pay out USD 98 million to settle the U.S. tax evasion probe. But how much have other banks in Switzerland had to fork over in the last decade? Here’s a roundup of the five largest penalties and settlement fees so far.

What artists earn on music platforms
Records don’t sell much these days, but they still pay more than streaming. Watch our video to get a closer look at musicians’ revenues from different income streams.

How well do you know the Swiss Market Index?
From Nestlé to Novartis, the SMI is the most important stock index in Switzerland. But where did it get its start? And who are the biggest players?

Who will perform better at the World Cup?
As top footballers take to the World Cup stage, all eyes will be on the best performances that boost players’ transfer value. Here’s an overview of the top-ranking countries and Swiss players.

How much do the Swiss carry in their wallets?
Is cash really still king in Switzerland? And how many people own a credit card? Here’s a breakdown of how the Swiss like to pay.

How much do the Swiss earn?
What parts of Switzerland pay the highest salaries? And in which industries can you earn the most? Here are the numbers.

How much do the Swiss spend online?
When it comes to shopping, more and more Swiss are turning online for their next purchase. Here’s a snapshot at how much the Swiss are willing to fork out and on what products.