Unctad wants turn Women e-shoppers digital Changemarkers


UNCTAD is taking another step toward turning women into e-shoppers by launching a network to empower women to lead in digital trade. The aim is to increase the visibility of women entrepreneurs and give them a network of peers that is relevant to their work. This will help them become leaders and encourage the next generation of women entrepreneurs in developing countries. In addition, UNCTAD is also seeking to promote the good practices of women in e-commerce. Providing high-profile profiles of such entrepreneurs can highlight their success stories and motivate policymakers to take action.

The goal is to turn women e-shoppers into digital Changemarkers by creating jobs and increasing the income of women in developing countries. The initiative is backed by the Netherlands and other key e-commerce players. The goal is to increase the number of female digital entrepreneurs and help them make their voices heard in high-level decision-making processes. In the meantime, the goal is to empower the next generation of female entrepreneurs in developing countries.

The eTrade for Women initiative is another ambitious goal by UNCTAD. It aims to help empower women through ICTs. The initiative draws policymakers, start-ups, and other key players to make a difference. It will take place 1-5 April 2019 at the UN European headquarters in Geneva and include dozens of sessions. The first regional eCommerce week for women was held in December, and it focused on empowering women through e-commerce.