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Will Simona de Silvestro return to Formula E racing?
Swiss race car driver Simona de Silvestro will focus on Supercar racing in Australia, and on her recent stint as a test driver for Venturi. Ahead of the Swiss E-Prix race in Bern, she talks about a potential return to Formula E racing and about what’s missing in the world of motor sports.

The surprising business strategy behind Green Motion
Green Motion sold its technology to China for a massive profit. Now CEO François Randin is using the money to fund hundreds of new chargers across Switzerland. Hannah Wise met with the entrepreneur to find out more and why he thinks installing e-chargers at rest stops is a “huge mistake.”

Harley-Davidson wants to change the way you think about bikes
Revving engines and leather jackets aren’t passé, but Harley-Davidson brought its fully electric Livewire to the Geneva International Motor Show to reveal to its European customers that its business is changing. Click here to find out how.

Can China break into the European car market?
Aiways, the new Chinese electric carmaker, has major ambition, especially in Europe. Its founder, Samuel Fu, explains why he’s so sure his company can thrive, even as the European car market slows down.

The man behind the Piëch Mark Zero
Toni Piëch, the son of a former VW chairman and scion of the Porsche family, tried to avoid the auto industry his whole life. That is, until now. The co-founder of Piëch Automotive, which produces the electric Mark Zero, says that entrepreneurs should think twice before launching their own car company. It is, he says, a “very bad idea.”

Revving up for motor season in Switzerland
Front Seat breaks down the forthcoming 2019 Geneva International Motor Show set to start next week and also looks ahead to the ABB Formula E race that is coming to Bern in June.

Swiss racing drivers on Formula E returning to Switzerland
To find out why more than 56,000 people turned out in Zurich this weekend, @hannahwisecnn caught up with two Swiss racing drivers to discuss the appeal of the Zurich Auto Show and about Formula E returning to their home country.

Why Switzerland is the perfect place for a flying car
Five percent of people in Switzerland are millionaires. But that’s not the reason why flying cars would be a hit here. We caught up with the creators of PAL-V to find out what makes Switzerland the perfect place to take to the skies.

Will we really have flying cars by 2023?
We’ve all heard of self-driving cars, but what about self-flying cars? One Swiss start-up says this is the future—and it’s not that far away. Find out why they think they’ve cornered the market in developing the technology that will enable these vehicles to take to the sky.

Who’s in charge, you or the car?
With more and more driverless cars on the road, there’s worry that robots could take over the world. But there’s little reason to fret, says Joanna Bryson, a computer scientist at the University of Bath in the U.K. She also adds that it’s important to remember that “AI is an extension of people,” and we are still very much in charge.

Swiss car show with Hollywood approval: Can Grand Basel bring something new to the motor industry?
Switzerland’s newest car show is all about luxury and quality – and even has the green light from Hollywood actor Idris Elba. But despite this, Mark Backé, global manager of Grand Basel, tells Hannah Wise that the event is not elitist.

How driverless racing cars are re-shaping the insurance industry
Roborace is an autonomous car-racing competition that puts programmers in the driver’s seat. On Front Seat, we speak to one of the world’s biggest insurance groups about how this latest racing trend is helping them prepare for the future.

Meet Switzerland’s fastest woman
Jndia Erbacher is a second-generation drag racer with her sights on the big-time. But first she must compete against her own father in Europe’s first ever father-daughter race.

Our round-up of Formula E Sunday in Zurich
Missed the Swiss sporting event of the year? Fear not, Hannah Wise has this round-up from Switzerland’s first ever Formula E event and first circuit race since 1955.

Formula E: How to host a massive international motorsport event with just a few months preparation
Up to 150,000 people will gather to watch Switzerland’s first Formula E race in Zurich this weekend. But how is something like this organized? From the race course to the food trucks, Zurich has made it happen in just a few months. Pascal Derron, CEO of Swiss ePrix Operations, explains how it all came together.