As the political career of Doris Leuthard slowly draws to a close, we ask the popular member of the Swiss government what she loves—and doesn’t love—about her demanding job, and what she plans to do when she eventually leaves the Federal Council.

Why u-blox doesn’t want to be an Apple company
Swiss-based u-blox started with the invention of the world’s smallest GPS module. Twenty years later, it’s an internationally successful company. CEO Thomas Seiler talks about the endless opportunities as well as the current difficult environment for the chip producer.

Ivoclar’s designated CEO: How to transform dentistry with a smile
Liechtenstein based Ivoclar Vivadent has been a leading international dental company for over 90 years, and in 2019, Diego Gabathuler will become the new CEO. How does the future boss see his new role and how does he tackle the technological and digital transformation in the industry?

Move On Up! How three friends from Zurich dared to challenge Nike
The Swiss sports shoe company On started in 2010 as a project between three friends. Eight years later, the Zurich-based team has taken on the likes of Nike and Adidas. Find out why co-founder David Allemann thinks the sky’s the limit and why arguing with his friends sometimes helps to clear the air.

Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne CEO: We choose students for their values
Michel Rochat is the head of arguably the most prestigious hotel school in the world. How does he manage to keep on top of the rankings and what leadership principles does he teach to his students?

CS Chairman Rohner: “Bankers were never loved, at best respected”
As a 5-year-old, he promoted fish fingers on TV, as a teen he was a Swiss athletics champion, and since 2011 Urs Rohner has been chairman of the board at Credit Suisse. How does he react to criticism, what did the financial crisis teach him, and why does he find banking “intellectually stimulating”?

Are you really worth a CHF 15 million salary, Mr. Schwan?
The Roche CEO discusses his remuneration, the importance of failure, and why Switzerland risks losing its competitive edge in the field of big data.

Female airline boss: “People in the industry were laughing at me!”
Helene Niedhart never shied away from challenges. When as a professional pilot she couldn’t find a job, she simply started her own company, Cat Aviation. Thirty years later, the first and only female owner of an airline in Switzerland looks back on her career and her leadership principles.

Marc Walder: From tennis pro to digitization guru and media master
The Ringier CEO on how his former career in professional sports has helped him become a better leader and why he has never lost his journalistic curiosity.