Freitag co founder Daniel Freitag we have leaders no bosses


As the Freitag brothers have proved, „we have no bosses, only leaders.“ It is no wonder that they have become the top-selling luggage brand in the world. The company specializes in bringing fashion to the industrial environment. They produce unique bags made of recycled materials. The company also focuses on giving back to the community and the environment. The motto of the brand is „We have leaders, no people bosses.“

The Freitag brothers are brothers and entrepreneurs from Switzerland. They co-founded a clothing and accessories brand that has revolutionized the way we shop, and they have expanded their business across the world with the success of their product. Their philosophies have become popular in Asia, and they are preparing to expand their operations there. During their recent visit to Shanghai, the Freitag brothers discussed the philosophy behind their brand and how they built their business as a family.

The brothers are also active in the community, speaking at universities, art museums, and bookstores. Their first store in China was opened in September with the help of local reseller Harbook+, and they plan to expand to other Asian countries. They also spoke about building a business as brothers, how they approach customer service, and how they manage their team. The Freitag Brothers are a great example of the power of teamwork.