Last year, Lea von Bidder, the designated CEO of Ava, a Zurich- and San Francisco-based start-up specializing in women’s digital health care, was the only Swiss named in Forbes’s annual “30 Under 30” list. Von Bidder talks to us about being one of the few female executives in her field and why being from Switzerland can be asset, even in Silicon Valley.


Switzerland Tourism CEO: “We need to be loud”
Martin Nydegger has been at the helm of Switzerland Tourism for two years, and though he admits the crowded European market can be quite tough, he says it’s a job he’s always dreamed of. Nydegger addresses the challenge of sustainability and over-tourism and gives insight into the 23 new initiatives that will he says help give the national tourism company a competitive edge in 2020 and beyond.

Christian Jott Jenny: “The world is a stage”
As the recently elected mayor of St. Moritz, Christian Jott Jenny promises to breathe new life into the luxury resort in Graubünden. As a singer, entertainer, and event organizer, he certainly knows how to attract attention. But he still needs to convince his critics.

PwC Switzerland CEO Andreas Staubli: “Trust is one of the key challenges”
Andreas Staubli has been with leading audit and advisory company PwC in Switzerland for 25 years. He talks about the difficulties and leadership challenges that come with fostering change as CEO of PwC Switzerland, particularly as his company undergoes a massive digital transformation.

Special Edition: What do Swiss executives think about the EU?
Since 2014, Switzerland and the European Union have been in talks to formalize relations, which are currently covered by around 120 bilateral accords. However, no institutional framework agreement has been achieved thus far. What do CEOs and business leaders in Switzerland think about the relationship between Brussels and Bern?

FREITAG co-founder Daniel Freitag: “We have leaders but no bosses”
Iconic Swiss brand FREITAG and its founders, brothers Daniel and Markus Freitag, are pioneers in many ways, be it with their commitment to the circular economy or their own special management structure. The company replaced a hierarchical structure with a holacracy, a form of organization based on self-management.

Egon Zehnder Chairwoman: “The world needs more great leadership”
UK-born Jill Ader is the first female leader of world-renowned Swiss executive search firm, Egon Zehnder. She already knows what makes a good executive, but she had to learn for herself that becoming the boss comes with plenty of unforeseen challenges.

IBM Switzerland General Manager: “You need to lead by doing”
Christian Keller has been with U.S. tech giant IBM for almost 25 years, and he’s already at his second stint as general manager for Switzerland. As an IBM executive, he has witnessed first-hand the latest digital transformation and is also aware of the challenges that lie ahead.