Take the opportunity to hear for yourself what goes on behind the closed doors of boardrooms. The discussions, the debates, and more importantly, the decisions that determine future strategy.

Clarity in the Boardroom: highlights of 2019 and what to expect in 2020
KPMG Switzerland’s CEO discusses the company’s all-time high business performance to end 2019 and delves into the most important topics for the upcoming year.

What you need to know if you plan to invest in Swiss Real Estate
KPMG surveyed investors and experts all over the country to analyse the development of the real estate market. Prices are expected to increase in the preferred sectors and destinations, and new stricter regulations may pose some concerns for the coming year

Swiss Private Banking faces uncertain future
The private banking industry in Switzerland has faced vital challenges in the past decade —which has resulted in dozens of banks exiting the market in an accelerated rate. KPMG explains the biggest adversity that most private banks are enduring, and the drastic changes that should be implemented from within, to survive in the industry.

CEO Outlook: The choice between agile and irrelevant
Climate change has been recognized as a major risk to business and economic uncertainty has resulted in a drastic reduction of faith in overall growth. These are some of the key findings of this year’s KPMG CEO Outlook.

First harbingers of an incipient dynamic in the Swiss corporate tax landscape
As KPMG’s «Swiss Tax Report 2019» shows, the cantons of Vaud and Basel-Stadt are bringing some movement into the corporate tax rate situation for companies, which has been stagnating for years. These two cantons might be the first harbingers of a trend that could potentially usher in fundamental changes to the Swiss corporate tax landscape in the near future.

Fighting back against crime
Every year, white-collar crime in Switzerland causes losses of hundreds of millions Swiss francs. KPMG Switzerland’s forensics specialists Matthias Kiener and Nico Van der Beken present the latest figures and report on how companies can protect themselves against white-collar crime.