While smartwatches may be an increasing threat to the traditional Swiss watch market, Frédéric Lelièvre argues that Switzerland has certain skills and resources that could give the tech companies a run for their money. Besides watches, he talks Brexit and sheds some light on a big weekend ahead for Swiss voters.


Year-end special: What you’ll be talking about in 2020
Two good games, a hot seat, a risky trial, a rival currency, and a new partner. In part two of this special year-end edition of Business Update, Frédéric Lelièvre and Hannah Wise highlight the stories that will matter to Swiss markets and business in the year ahead.

Year-end special: What 2019’s highs and lows mean for 2020 and beyond
While the SMI saw record highs this year, the SNB kept interest rates at record lows. But just how long will the highs stay high, and the lows stay low? Frédéric Lelièvre and Hannah Wise make their predictions for next year.

What’s keeping Swiss SMEs awake at night
Nothing to see here: Central banks hold rates, but that’s currently of no concern to Swiss companies. A wrap of the main news this week and a look ahead to a festive week for retailers.

Changing the narrative on Swiss–EU relations
Can market access trump sovereignty and wages? Our Deputy Editor-in-Chief Frédéric Lelièvre explains the conundrums surrounding the Swiss-EU framework agreement—and how to get out of them. Also in Business Update: new pressure on the SNB, Swiss GDP figures and Novartis’ latest acquisition.

Business Update: “The SNB is in a trap now” on climate change
It looks as if the Swiss National Bank still thinks that climate change is too big of an issue for them to tackle, based on Andréa Maechler’s speech on Thursday night. Despite having invested some of its plentiful reserves in green bonds, Frédéric Lelièvre says the SNB will be under pressure to do more.

How Barry Callebaut is treating its investors
Some Swiss companies are shifting to a more dividend-focused approach for their investors. But with negative interest rates, who’s really paying the bill?

Business Update: Will ECB head Christine Lagarde ring the golden bell?
New European Central Bank President Christine Lagarde inherited a golden bell used to bring meetings with policymakers to order. While her predecessor Mario Draghi says he never used it, Frédéric Lelièvre opines that given the rumored discord among Lagarde and her peers, there may be the sound of ringing bells at the ECB in the near future.