While Swisscom and Sygnum don’t see SIX as competition when it comes to their new marketplace for digital assets, SIX has another view.

Following the new partnership announced this week between Swisscom, Sygnum, and Deutsche Börse, a spokesperson for SIX told CNNMoney Switzerland the following:

“It shows that the Swiss market is seen as the right place to build digital-asset ecosystems and thus confirms our SDX initiative started last year. Competition stimulates the market and we welcome that. We cannot comment on how successful this venture will be, given that its business model, scope, and participants are largely different from our integrated business-to-business offering.”


May 17: What happened in blockchain this week?
Here’s what happened in blockchain in Switzerland this week. Blockchain hub Trust Square celebrates its first anniversary, the Crypto Valley Association heads to Consensus 2019, and Wecan mixes wine with blockchain at VivaTech in Paris.

Geneva fintech Wecan mixes wine with blockchain at VivaTech 2019
Geneva fintech firm Wecan is showcasing its blockchain wine solution at the Swiss Pavilion of VivaTech 2019 in Paris. It aims to trace the wine you drink from the vineyard to the table. Managing partner Fabio Sofia says they are in talks with French wine producers and hope to bring Wecan Wine to market by the end of the year.

Gübelin signs up 50 companies for gemstone blockchain project
Where do your rubies and emeralds come from? Switzerland’s Gübelin Gem Lab says consumers today are more critical and curious about the origins of their gemstones. Managing Director Daniel Nyfeler tell us from GemGenève 2019 that around 50 companies are now tracing gemstones using Gübelin’s blockchain solution, which was launched in February.

Crypto Valley Labs kicks off new blockchain incubator in Switzerland
CV Labs in Zug welcomes its inaugural batch of 12 global start-ups in Switzerland’s first blockchain incubator. Up to USD 125,000 will be invested in each start-up in exchange for 10 percent equity. CV Labs explains its plans to set up between five and seven hubs around the world over the next three years.

Swiss luxury hotel accepts Bitcoin
Zurich’s five-star hotel The Dolder Grand is now accepting Bitcoin payments.

Bitcoin Suisse ramps up Liechtenstein focus with new CEO
Bitcoin Suisse is building up its Liechtenstein arm with a new hire, Mauro Casellini. He’s currently the head of blockchain at Bank Frick but will take over as CEO of Bitcoin Suisse Liechtenstein on July 1. Casellini explains the move and why Liechtenstein is a gateway for Bitcoin Suisse to access European clients.

Meet the Swiss town using blockchain to trade solar energy
Want to get cheaper energy and help the environment? Thirty-seven households in the district of Schwemmiweg in St. Gallen are using blockchain to trade excess solar energy. While the year-long pilot has drawn support from local residents, regulations are needed before implementing it on a wider scale across Switzerland.