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Legendäres Rennen mit dem Skikaiser

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For five weeks, we traveled to each of Switzerland’s 26 cantons and reported on the innovation and entrepreneurial spirit that is at the core of our beautiful country. We talked to civic leaders, politicians, artists, and other personalities who define the business and cultural landscape in their respective canton.

The Big Tour: Schaffhausen makes a splash
It’s been a hot, dry summer and river levels are suffering, including at the Rhinefalls in Schaffhausen. But that hasn’t stopped over a million visitors flocking to Europe’s biggest waterfall—and there are more attractions in the pipeline.

The Big Tour: Luxury watchmaker IWC shows continued commitment to Schaffhausen
IWC, the luxury Swiss watchmaker, is expanding its manufacturing in Schaffhausen. CEO Christoph Grainger-Herr tells Hannah Wise why the brand is proud to be different and why it’s making the most of the assets in its home canton.

The Big Tour: “When it comes to family business, it is always emotional,” says a Jura entrepreneur
Florian Lachat is a serial entrepreneur from the canton of Jura, who at the age of 28 had to take over the family business after the death of his father. He tells CNNMoney Switzerland that this experience has helped fuel his passion for advising family-run firms, especially on issues of succession.

The Big Tour: “Our economy needs to diversify,” says Jura’s Jacques Gerber
At age 45, Jacques Gerber, Jura’s cantonal minister of economic affairs, is slightly older than the canton itself, which split from Bern in 1978. He spoke to CNNMoney Switzerland about the challenges the youngest canton in Switzerland faces.

An Olympic medal was a reward after her surgery, says Mathilde Gremaud
Only nine months after knee surgery, freestyle skier Mathilde Gremaud won a silver medal in the Winter Olympics earlier this year. The 18-year-old caught up our reporter Joel Espi in her family house in Gruyère, an area that’s passionate about sports.

Olivier Curty: “My girls can go to school in German or in French”
Cantonal minister of finance and employment of Fribourg, Olivier Curty, is proud to have the youngest population in Switzerland, especially in this bilingual and multicultural canton.

For watchmaker Martin Braun, being independent is the biggest challenge
Martin Braun came to Switzerland from Germany to create his own specialized wristwatch brand. After what he calls a “bad experience” in the industry, Braun decided to continue his journey as a fully independent watchmaker. Reporter Eleonore Payro met him in his atelier in central Switzerland, where he told her that among all the challenges in the watch industry, being independent was the hardest.

Betting on a 500-year-old tradition is the way to expand in Switzerland, says Sbrinz cheese CEO Stefan Heller
Legend says it inspired Italians to create Parmigiano. But one thing is clear: Sbrinz is the oldest extra hard cheese in Switzerland and is still produced as it was 500 years ago. All handmade by just 26 families of producers in central Switzerland, Sbrinz follows very strict guidelines to keep its AOP seal of approval. But despite that, Sbrinz is not widely known. Reporter Eléonore Payro met Stefan Heller, the CEO of Sbrinz Switzerland, who told her about the importance of maintaining traditions and excellency as a marketing tool to conquer new markets.

Alessandra Alberti: Growing Stella’s sweet spot
Chocolat Stella, part of the Bernrain Group, turned 90 this year, and its CEO Alessandra Alberti has been with the Ticino-based company for 21 of those years. She’s a hands-on manager who’s not afraid to roll up her sleeves and all while maintaining Stella’s sweet spot: specialty chocolate.

Carlo Chatrian says arrivederci Locarno and hallo Berlin
Known for finance, wine, and palm trees, Ticino is also home to the world-renowned Locarno Film Festival, which this year celebrated 71 years. But this was artistic director Carlo Chatrian’s last heading the event. Ana Maria Montero spoke with him in the city’s centerpiece, the Piazza Grande, about what he would like his legacy to be and what comes next.

Blockchain is the next revolution, says crowdfunding entrepreneur
WeMakeIt is Switzerland’s biggest crowdfunding platform and one of Europe’s most successful. In an interview with Tanya König, the site’s co-founder Rea Eggli tells us about her upcoming projects and the challenges of raising awareness for the concept of crowdfunding in Switzerland.

Dieter Meier: artist, activist, winemaker – and now, chocolate revolutionary
He is one of Zurich’s originals and has shaped the city with his activism and art. Dieter Meier, best known for being part of the electro-pop duo Yello, is also a successful entrepreneur producing his own organic meat and wine in Argentina. As he told reporter Tanya König, he has big plans for revolutionizing the chocolate market too and is currently in talks with Starbucks, Unilever and Barry Callebaut.

Automaton maker: I didn’t think I could make it outside of Switzerland
The ancient art of making automatons has a future. François Junod, based in Sainte-Croix, is one of Switzerland’s most famous automaton makers. Despite his fears that the profession was on the decline, an automaton he made for a luxury brand in Geneva was just sold to a buyer in Asia for CHF 8 million. Sarah Chiarello met up with the artisan to find out more about the renewed interest in this old craft.

Clinique La Prairie CEO: We’re good at looking after the super rich
Summertime is a boon for medical tourism, and Swiss private hospitals have been upgrading their services to attract the wealthiest customers. With the global medical spa market valued at $11 billion, Simone Gibertoni, the CEO of Clinique La Prairie in Montreux, is eyeing the lucrative opportunities. In conversation with reporter Sarah Chiarello, he details the luxury spa’s plans to become the top destination for longevity and wellness treatments.

The cheapest art show to organize: fireworks
The Geneva summer festival has been a rollercoaster for tourists and residents alike. After two loss-making editions, the 2018 festival has been reduced to the bare minimum, with only the traditional fireworks show remaining. Reporter Sarah Chiarello sat down with Nicolas Guinand, art director at Sugyp and designer of this year’s pyrotechnic display. With a budget of nearly 1 million francs, Guinand explains why fireworks are actually one of the cheapest art shows to organize.


Stoov: Modernes Design & innovative Technologie mit gutem Gewissen

Utrecht (ots) - Finanzielle Sorgen und die Klimakrise gehören...

Legendäres Rennen mit dem Skikaiser

Bad Kleinkirchheim - Kärnten (ots) - Franz Klammer -...

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Stoov: Modernes Design & innovative Technologie mit gutem Gewissen

Utrecht (ots) - Finanzielle Sorgen und die Klimakrise gehören...

Legendäres Rennen mit dem Skikaiser

Bad Kleinkirchheim - Kärnten (ots) - Franz Klammer -...
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Stoov: Modernes Design & innovative Technologie mit gutem Gewissen

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Legendäres Rennen mit dem Skikaiser

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