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CPS GfK Behavior Change Report: Käufer sind vorsichtig optimistisch

Nürnberg (ots) - Zum ersten Mal seit Beginn der...

Karriere bei E-Sicherheits-Check GmbH: Gemeinsam für technische Sicherheit mit...

Friedberg (ots) - Stromschläge stellen eine ernsthafte Gefahr dar,...

„Das Geld kommt von allein – Erlebnisse eines Unternehmers“:...

Wien (ots) - Ein erfolgreiches Unternehmen führen? - Dazu...


Thomas Borer is a Former Swiss Ambassador in Berlin and former Ambassador and Head of the “Switzerland – Second World War” Task Force, which examined the role of Switzerland as a financial center during the Nazi era. Daniel Warner is a Swiss-American political scientist and former Deputy to the Director, Graduate Institute, Geneva. Both sits with Amanda Kayne to discuss the blooming US-Swiss relationship.


Showbiz news as we talk Steven Spielberg, Saudi cinemas, Amy Schumer and the Swiss Circus Knie
Spielberg hits a box office milestone, the Saudis are going to the movies, and Amy Schumer is beautiful! This and more in our weekly red carpet rollout of all things showbiz with Ana Maria Montero

Digital tax: Switzerland to follow the EU, says lawyer Xavier Oberson
It’s not yet time for Switzerland to discuss a digital tax, argues Xavier Oberson, lawyer and professor at the University of Geneva. The priority is to pass Tax proposal 2017 in order to comply with international standards. However, once TP17 is approved, the Federal Council will likely follow how the European Union prepares to tax the digitized economy, believes the tax expert. Oberson refers in particular to a position paper released in March by the State Secretariat for International Finance (SIF). Link: https://www.sif.admin.ch/sif/en/home/themen/oecd-dossiers/besteuerung-der-digitalen-wirtschaft.html

„Companies have accepted that the rules will change,“ says Christoph Schaerer of PwC
The digital economy has led to new tax debates, with the E.U. now considering rules to ensure that “digital business activities are taxed in a fair and growth-friendly way.” According to Christoph Schaerer of PwC, companies are aware that tax rules are set to change.

Blockchain isn’t just about bitcoin
More and more everyday products and services such as car insurance are getting a blockchain makeover. Kasko2go, a Swiss-based company, is hoping to be at the forefront of these changes with its auto insurance app. Raj Singh, the company’s co-founder, explains how the technology speeds up admin and cuts down on fraud.

How blockchain could work in your daily life
Blockchain is the buzzword behind Bitcoin, but it’s so much more than that. Our two guests break down what blockchain really is. They give concrete examples to show how this new technology can impact our lives on a daily basis. Have a listen to Isabella Brom, blockchain tech specialist at Lakeside Partners, and Marco Grossi, blockchain assurance leader at Deloitte Switzerland.

Driverless buses hit Swiss streets
Autonomous buses are becoming game changers in public transport networks in Switzerland and around the world. Behind most of these autonomous shuttles is one company: Navya. Our reporter Joel Espi ventured to France to visit their factory.

How this company is „greening“ plastic
Turning non-recyclable plastic waste back into diesel has drawn investors, including oil companies, to back GRT Group. The Vaud-based firm’s CEO, Luca Dal Fabbro, explains to CNNMoney Switzerland that the process, which is CO2 negative, makes business sense due to the massive scope of the plastic pollution problem. According to the MacArthur Foundation, by 2050 the Earth’s oceans will contain more plastic than fish by weight.

The Swiss sailor fighting plastic pollution
Every year, ten million tons of plastic ends up in the ocean – the equivalent of 16 shopping bags for every meter of coastline, excluding the Antarctic. After sailing solo through the Northern Passage on a beach catamaran, Swiss adventurer Yvan Bourgnon is now set on combatting this global environmental problem. He tells Paula Dupraz-Dobias about The Sea Cleaners foundation and their plan to build a ship that will remove garbage from the ocean, while building awareness among populations.

Director of CEPS: Philanthropy not always altruistic
„There is always a mix of altruistic and more personal interest,“ says Georg von Schnurbein, director of the Center for Philanthropy Studies at the University of Basel. Beyond this, he believes that people also give to make themselves feel good, referring to the „warm-glow“ effect or „helper’s high.“

How to be digitally healthy
Forget traditional gyms. Nowadays, people are also working up a sweat with fitness apps and wearable devices like Fitbit. But has Switzerland jumped on the bandwagon yet? Peter Ohnemus, founder of dacadoo, and Alfred Angerer, professor of health management, give Martina Fuchs their take on staying healthy online.

The „pope“ of Swiss fitness Werner Kieser on staying in shape
He’s known as a fitness guru and gym pioneer in Switzerland. Werner Kieser, the founder of Kieser Training, talks to Martina Fuchs about the future of traditional gyms here and shares his views on digital fitness apps like Fitbit, MyFitness Pal, and Runtastic.

Stelter: „We can’t expect Facebook to police itself“
CNN senior media correspondent Brian Stelter analyzes the second day of Mark Zuckerberg’s hearing before Congress. The Facebook CEO might come out stronger after this encounter, according to Stelter. But future regulations on Facebook will likely come from politicians, not from the company itself.

Fanti: „Switzerland is not doing enough for data protection“
Swiss lawyer and social media specialist Sébastien Fanti chose to become a Facebook shareholder. His message: Keep your friends close, but keep your enemies closer.

Switzerland an attractive IPO market
Adam Kostyál, head of EMEA listings at Nasdaq, explains the differing rules between exchanges and the reasons some industries choose to list elsewhere.



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CPS GfK Behavior Change Report: Käufer sind vorsichtig optimistisch

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