Swatch launches pigcasso watch


The Swatch Pigcasso watch has been inspired by a pig named Pigcasso. A pig who lives in a pig sanctuary outside of Cape Town, South Africa, this artist has painted paintings that sell for thousands of dollars. As a result, the Swatch Pigcasso watch is an interesting collaboration between an animal lover and a luxury Swiss brand. It’s easy to see how this collaboration can lead to a great product.

The artist commissioned by Swatch is known as Pigcasso and she has designed the watch’s dial. The limited edition timepiece features broad strokes of purple and pink with bright grass green and sky blue accents. The design of this unique watch is both colorful and daring, and the patented Swatch winding mechanism helps it run smoothly and efficiently. The Swatch Pigcasso is an important reference in expressionist art, and the limited-edition timepiece has become a huge hit in art galleries around the world.

The Pigcasso watch was commissioned by Swatch in a limited edition of two thousand pieces. Its face features large brushstrokes of purple and deep pink. The strap is made from bright grass green and sky blue colors. This unique watch is also a conversation starter for art collectors. It is also available at a price of up to $4000. In addition to being an interesting timepiece, the Pigcasso watch is functional and stylish.