What does it take to be the most competitive country in the world? According to Lausanne-based IMD, it takes a combination of 258 hard and soft data indicators, which run the gamut from employment and trade to environmental concerns and quality of life. In tonight’s Big Picture, the center’s chief economist, Christos Cabolis sheds some light on the 2018 results, including Switzerland’s surprise drop in the ranking.

What investors really want
According to Cyril Demaria, head of private markets at Wellershoff & Partners, investors are searching for more leverage when turning to private equity investments. In his view, this is the best way to take specific actions in a company.

„FIFA is the only premium product for companies“
Football’s ruling body has been rocked by corruption scandals, but this has not scared off all sponsors. As FIFA turns to China to secure new deals, CNNMoney Switzerland talked to David Dellea, head of the sports business advisory at PwC Switzerland, who explained why Russia’s World Cup is crucial for FIFA and its wallet.

„FIFA will fall under the control of China’s corporate interest“
The World Cup is a real cash machine for Chinese brands who are filling the gap left by Western sponsors following the FIFA corruption scandal in 2015. CNNMoney Switzerland talked to Simon Chadwick, a professor of sports enterprise at Salford University, who explained what China’s rising influence means for FIFA and the future of football.

The House of Mouse soars in Switzerland
Disney is behind movies like „Avengers: Infinity War“ and „Incredibles 2,“ which starts rolling out in Swiss cinemas from July in the French-speaking part of Switzerland followed by the rest of the country in September. In our entertainment news, we hear why Walt Disney’s approach is still popular decade after decade.

Happy 30th birthday to the SMI!
How well do you know the Swiss Market Index? Since it launched with 1,500 points in 1988, Switzerland’s most important equity index has grown nearly sixfold. Reporter Olivia Chang took a trip to the Swiss Finance Museum in Zurich to see how they are getting in on the festivities.

Why a Swiss town wants to hand out free money
A town near Zurich wants to try out a basic income experiment that would see all adult residents receive 2,500 Swiss francs every month, whatever their circumstances. Too good to be true? Olivia Chang has more.