How Switzerland crypto valley association cleaning its reputation


The Crypto Valley Association is a chamber of commerce that represents 450 blockchain/crypto companies and service providers. Although it does not keep track of its growth, the crypto industry in Switzerland is on the rise and it ranked third in 2017 for cryptocurrency fundraising. This put Switzerland behind only the USA and Russia but ahead of other financial technology hotspots like Silicon Valley. However, some voiced concerns that the area would not survive the recent ICO scandal.

The association has since teamed up with Strategy&, the strategy consulting division of PwC, to clean up its reputation. Fortunately, the move hasn’t been without controversy, and it is gaining traction. The Swiss government has declared that the country will become „Crypto-nation Switzerland“ within five to ten years. While this is a lofty goal, many of the members of the organization have been criticized for their past activities.

The first step is to get rid of the association’s bad reputation. In addition to cleaning up its reputation, the Swiss government has acted to protect its industry. The Swiss government has taken steps to ensure that crypto companies do not suffer from regulatory oversight. The Crypto Valley Association is working with Strategy& to improve its image. The new logo and the slogan „Crypto-nation Switzerland“ has been published.