Futurist gives his view where tech giants risk going wrong


In his new book The Future of Everything, The Futurist lays out where the tech giants risk going wrong. While the current focus is on the next generation of technology, the digital giants are also pursuing more extreme ambitions. Some of these include colonizing Mars, reversing the aging process, and eliminating poverty. In the Futurist’s view, these giants are on the path to creating a utopian future that is far beyond the human condition.

The world is becoming increasingly dependent on digital technology, and to make sure they can make the most of it, we must understand how these innovations are created. The Futurist provides his take on where these companies may go wrong, and why it’s so important to keep up to date on the latest developments. To understand the role of the tech giants, we must consider their motivations and the ways in which they can benefit society.

The tech giants are not immune to disruption, but the emergence of new technology will lead to new industry structures. The next wave of companies will be built around IT and use their superior productivity to destroy their competitors and revolutionize industries, pushing the economy forward. Already, Amazon has hollowed out the retail sector, and Airbnb and Uber have disrupted the hotel and taxi industries. Google Maps and its AI could be the key to driverless cars, and telemedicine could revolutionize rural health care and lower the cost of higher education.