The Circle complex is within walking distance of the Zurich Airport terminals and has an occupancy rate of nearly 60 percent. That’s according to Stefan Gross, the chief commercial officer for Zurich Airport, who gives CNNMoney Switzerland a progress update on the project which is due to open for business in 2020.


Smashing it at the box office!
In this week’s entertainment wrap-up: Dinosaurs are eating up the competition at the box office, Kim Kardashian reveals her passion for the law, and all the build-up ahead of this year’s Verbier Festival.

Investors should do their due diligence, says Alain Kunz of Coinlab Capital
Hacking has cooled down the hype for bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Investors are now looking for more protection going forward. When it comes to institutional investors, insurance solutions could be an option, says Alain Kunz of Coinlab Capital. Nevertheless, Kunz urges investors to have a closer look at what they are buying before investing in cryptocurrencies.

Bjorn Bjercke of EY: Investors should think twice before they invest in cryptocurrencies
With virtual coins getting stolen in two recent high-profile hacking incidents, investors are re-assessing the risks of digital currencies. According to Bjorn Bjercke, associate partner and Swiss Blockchain lead at the consulting firm Ernst & Young, investors need to be more cautious and educated when it comes to these risks.

Aude Pugin: „I think Switzerland should continue to be open to the world and open to Europe“
SMEs in Switzerland are not only important to the economy but are also flexible and innovative, according to Aude Pugin, the CEO of APCO Technologies and president of the canton of Vaud Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

The U.S. wants to slow down China’s 2025 manufacturing plan, says Helen Zhu
Helen Zhu, head of Chinese equities at BlackRock, talks about the potential trade war between the United States and China. A compromise can be found between the two powers, she says, but over the medium- and long-term, the U.S. wants to slow down the economic transformation of China, which will be difficult to achieve, according to Zhu. She also talks about how China is dealing with its own debt issues.

Fast food still big business in the U.S., but moving toward healthier offerings
Fast food chains are cooking up a storm in Switzerland, despite being a hard market to crack in the past. McDonald’s was among the first U.S. fast food chains to win over customers, with profits still on the rise. Meanwhile, other big names such as Five Guys and KFC are now heading over from the U.S. for the first time or re-trying their luck after previous failed attempts. But how is the market where it all started? Hannah Wise talked to CNNMoney’s Paul LaMonica in New York and asked him if fast food was still big business stateside.

„Most successful opening in the world“ at KFC in Geneva
KFC is coming back to Switzerland after two failed attempts, with claims the fast food chain is already a hit. Marco Schepers, general manager for KFC Switzerland, says the Geneva location, inaugurated last winter, was the most successful opening in the world, reaching the one million dollars in sales the fastest. CNNMoney Switzerland reporter Eléonore Payró met him at KFC’s latest eatery in a suburban shopping mall near Bern, where hundreds of people were queuing up. She asked him how many more grand opening ribbons he planned to cut.