With virtual coins getting stolen in two recent high-profile hacking incidents, investors are re-assessing the risks of digital currencies. According to Bjorn Bjercke, associate partner and Swiss Blockchain lead at the consulting firm Ernst & Young, investors need to be more cautious and educated when it comes to these risks.


Who carries a Bitcoin worth $200,000 in his pocket? Niklas Nikolajsen does
Do you have a lucky charm? For Niklas Nikolajsen, co-CEO and chairman of Bitcoin Suisse, it’s a Bitcoin worth $200,000, which he carries with him every day. Nikolajsen has made millions investing in cryptocurrencies, and in an interview with Olivia Chang, he explains why Swiss banks are still reluctant to open accounts for crypto companies but also says that change could be on the horizon.

The Big Tour: Schaffhausen makes a splash
It’s been a hot, dry summer and river levels are suffering, including at the Rhinefalls in Schaffhausen. But that hasn’t stopped over a million visitors flocking to Europe’s biggest waterfall—and there are more attractions in the pipeline.

The Big Tour: Luxury watchmaker IWC shows continued commitment to Schaffhausen
IWC, the luxury Swiss watchmaker, is expanding its manufacturing in Schaffhausen. CEO Christoph Grainger-Herr tells Hannah Wise why the brand is proud to be different and why it’s making the most of the assets in its home canton.

The Big Tour: “When it comes to family business, it is always emotional,” says a Jura entrepreneur
Florian Lachat is a serial entrepreneur from the canton of Jura, who at the age of 28 had to take over the family business after the death of his father. He tells CNNMoney Switzerland that this experience has helped fuel his passion for advising family-run firms, especially on issues of succession.

The Big Tour: “Our economy needs to diversify,” says Jura’s Jacques Gerber
At age 45, Jacques Gerber, Jura’s cantonal minister of economic affairs, is slightly older than the canton itself, which split from Bern in 1978. He spoke to CNNMoney Switzerland about the challenges the youngest canton in Switzerland faces.

How Zug’s approach to ICOs could be copied in South Korea
The South Korean government could announce new ICO guidelines in September after it closed the door on that type of fundraising a year ago. That’s according to Daeje Chin, president of the Korea Blockchain Association and the former CEO of Samsung Electronics. He paid a visit recently to Zug’s Crypto Valley and told Olivia Chang that issuing guidance would be an important first step.

An Olympic medal was a reward after her surgery, says Mathilde Gremaud
Only nine months after knee surgery, freestyle skier Mathilde Gremaud won a silver medal in the Winter Olympics earlier this year. The 18-year-old caught up our reporter Joel Espi in her family house in Gruyère, an area that’s passionate about sports.

Olivier Curty: “My girls can go to school in German or in French”
Cantonal minister of finance and employment of Fribourg, Olivier Curty, is proud to have the youngest population in Switzerland, especially in this bilingual and multicultural canton.