Produced and anchored by Urs Gredig, “Global Agenda” examines the major challenges—and the endless opportunities—of today’s world. The bi-monthly program is done in close editorial partnership with the World Economic Forum in the run-up to its annual meeting in Davos.

Swiss Start-up Tour
Let CNNMoney Switzerland introduce you to the emerging companies making their mark in Switzerland and beyond. We travel across the country to track down female CEOs who have been recognized for their distinctive vision and ability to inspire a new generation of entrepreneurs. Discover the challenges and lessons they’ve learned, the hard choices they’ve had to make, and about that one moment when they knew that they had made it.

The Executive Talk
Urs Gredig sits down with the CEOs and Chairmen of Swiss companies as well as other opinion leaders and policy makers in the country. Business is a topic, but not only: we want to know what makes these people tick! What drives the entrepreneurs, what is their business philosophy and how do they measure and face the challenges of their industry? Who is the person behind the image, the character behind the brand? The tone is fresh but challenging, personal yet authoritative, and always entertaining as we get to know the personalities that make up Switzerland.

Themes Trading & Market Insights (Sponsored Content)
Let’s talk themes. From Cannabis and the Blockchain to China Online, Swissquote’s Head of Market Strategy, Peter Rosenstreich, brings you the latest investment ideas to make sure you’re ahead of the curve.

Business Update
Business Update is the show that you can’t afford to miss. Join us for coverage of the big financial news here in Switzerland and analysis of how political developments abroad affect our place in the world. We serve up all the headlines alongside commentary from the CNNMoney Switzerland editorial team.

Tech Talk
Let’s talk gadgets, robotics, pioneers, research, solutions and trends. We talk to the people in Switzerland and around the world behind these big ideas and what they mean for businesses, consumers and the planet.

On the Block
How will blockchain impact the way we work and function in the future? We delve into the world of the new technology and speak to the movers and shakers of the fast-growing industry.

Out & About
The business of arts and entertainment is as crucial as its creative side. In Out & About, we’ll report behind the scenes to understand the trends in that market, from the festival circuit to auction houses to design studios. So now when you go out, you’ll know what it’s all about.

EY Showcase (Sponsored Content)
EY helps you disrupt traditional business. Follow EY Showcase to experience how interconnected ecosystems of the future are being designed.

International Geneva
International cooperation, humanitarian assistance and human rights are at the heart of International Geneva. We go in depth with public and private organizations and the people representing them to explore Swiss-made global governance and its challenges.

Ever wonder how the Swiss pursue their passion for sports? From fans to players to international organizations, Switzerland has a thriving sports scene. Watch the Sports Report to get insider insights on the athletic side of Switzerland.

Front Seat
Front seat is a magazine program bringing you all the latest news and views from the automotive world. From cars, to drivers, the latest trends to next level innovation, in Switzerland and overseas, we’ll keep you on the right road.

Clarity in the Boardroom by KPMG (Sponsored Content)
Take the opportunity to hear for yourself what goes on behind the closed doors of boardrooms. The discussions, the debates, and more importantly, the decisions that determine future strategy.

Learning Curve
Learning Curve focuses on the challenges of equipping students with the skills needed for jobs that do not yet exist. We also explore the role of private schools in Swiss society and address how Switzerland aims to maintain its competitive edge as a premium leader in education.

The Big Tour
For five weeks, we traveled to each of Switzerland’s 26 cantons and reported on the innovation and entrepreneurial spirit that is at the core of our beautiful country. We talked to civic leaders, politicians, artists, and other personalities who define the business and cultural landscape in their respective canton.

KTF, or Know the Facts, is a quirky series of dynamic text-based video content that provides insights through fun facts and figures on an array of different subjects concerning Switzerland.

Show Me Tech
CNNMoney Switzerland and Digital Festival are taking their collaboration a step further and developing a new show: “Show Me Tech.” On the menu: two expert guests; a digital subject treated in-depth; and a smart and fun discussion.

WEF 2019
Get all our coverage of the 49th annual meeting of the World Economic Forum and also watch key panel discussions taking place Davos.

Reshaping Luxury
The luxury market is changing, thanks to shifts in consumer behavior and new business models. Find out more about these changes in “Reshaping Luxury,” a new co-production between CNNMoney Switzerland and DLG (Digital Luxury Group)

China: Dealing with the New Superpower
In our special series “China: Dealing with the New Superpower,” we bring you the latest on what Swiss companies will need to know when they do business with China. We take a close look at how the world’s second-largest economy is changing the international, political, and economic landscape. The series also looks at market access, the consequences of the trade war with the U.S., and China’s new ambitions in specific sectors, including its capabilities to shift to an innovation-driven economy.